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Image by Annie Spratt


MBI Defense produces a range of mine detectors that use unique cutting edge technology to ensure superior results. 

MBI's product line includes MTD-3  Mine Detector.

MTD - 3




MTD-3 Mine Detector is capable to Measure Shape or Explosive Content in Addition to Metal Content. MTD-3 is a subsurface sensing device which has pulse (PI) and GPR modes. Main processing unit communicates with the sensor controller unit and receives the acquired sensor data and then processes the data to perform detection, identification and data visualization if it is required. Main processing unit performs all high level processes such as driving of user interface, running of detection and identification software.

MTD-3 has been currently used for detection and identification of both metallic and non-metallic buried objects. The performance of the MTD-3 exactly depends on a proper design of antennas and UWB transmitter/receiver configurations. The antennas have high directivity gain, narrow beam, low side lobe and low input reflection levels over operational frequency bands to attain a largest dynamic range, focused illumination area, reduced ringing and uniformly shaped impulse radiation

The MTD-3 is a vital tool for all agencies involved in CIED & CTS operations and is in service with NATO armies and other military and police organizations world-wide.  

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